Monday, July 5, 2010

Using Edline Discussion Boards part 2

While in Denver, I got to see a lot of people using asynchronous discussion board examples. The biggest thing I was hearing was setting up open rules for high school students. Most teachers felt that students were not posting often when their entries were pending teacher approval. The solutions that most people presented were setting up guidelines and safe practices.

So I began thinking about my Edline discussion pages. I am beginning to think I need to run a model of how to run a safe discussion posting. Perhaps I can tie it to something not academic like football since I will be doing this in August. This way I can encourage students how to post team predictions without being malicious to another student about their opinions. This way when one student gets the guts to say something like “the Ravens suck!” we can use it as a learning moment and tool to create better posts for when we start the regular material.

The other thing that most teachers tell me is that they have easy access to constantly putting the guidelines somewhere students can easily find them. In Edline, each discussion board can have a link to a document. I believe the purpose is so you can post an article for students to read and discuss but I imagine that most teachers could post their guidelines for the first few discussion boards.

Here is a wikispace I found that had pretty good opinions on discussion boards in general.

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