Monday, July 12, 2010


Well if this website isn't' easy to use then I do not know how to define easy. The website simply gives you all these possible templates to use. You can have a menu on the left, or top or even on the right. So I can make pages here without problems. I know coding by hand gives you a certain rush but this makes life easier to plan with students.

This service allows you to have certain pages password protected. For example, the link to your contact information can be protected. With my students I could see myself creating a list of passwords for say our school paid databases and password protect them.

The other awesome feature I noticed for my classroom is that I can give other people the permission to edit my page. That means I can turn this site into a wiki if I really wanted to. So I can only imagine you are reading this and getting excited about the versatility of the site as well. There is a little caution with a site like this. It tries to have you adverstise yourself with the idea that you can password protect your information. Like facebook, its unprotected until you click to enable the password. is a site that helps teachers think about how to design your sites for appropiate class use.

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