Monday, July 12, 2010

Todo is an online free task manager. It is extremely easy to set up. I am hoping that I am able to convince some students to use this web 2.0 tool. I find myself leaving myself post it notes around my classroom or I email myself reminders. The problem is that I still forget to write them down on a calendar. This task manager allows you to set due dates. It also lets you create some of your own categories which will allow your students to make a category for each subject. This will help them to hopefully stay organized. In my school we have given students agenda books but they always get lost or stolen because they double up as passes. I am hoping that an online tool like this will prevent students from losing their agendas. is a list of 21 things that will help students become successful in their first year of college. Most of this list involves organization. I feel as a high school teacher it is my moral obligation to help give my students the tools to get organized which will help them become successful after high school. is a blog entry that also describes how organization can help any student achieve better. These are important skills for students to learn. That is why I am pushing this technology. I have learned this the hard way in life. I have missed appointments and turned in assignments late (undergrad of course). I lucked out in life and was able to bounce back. I fear that our students will not be as lucky as more and more employers can make unorganized workers into jobless workers.

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