Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Todo Part 2

So at first I thought this web 2.0 tool was awesome and it would help everyone. Then I got to thinking. Haven't I seen this before. Todo lists are in email programs. At first I thought, well maybe its only in outlook and paid email. Then I could rationalize the need for this tool.

However, I opened up my old Hotmail account and sure enough in the calendar page there was a todo list. This means at least one free email service provides the same features at Todo.ly.

My personal recommendation is that if your students are willing to sign up for a Todo account (which requires an email) then they should just use their email's online todo list. I could maybe see this with younger students who still share emails with parents, but if they are young enough to still share email with their parents, shouldn't the parents also be monitoring their todo lists.

So I guess in the end, neat tool but not need for it.

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